Elite Fuckbook - Premium Advertisement-Free Adult Social Network Upgrade

Welcome to Elite Fuckbook, our all new premium ad-free addition that all of our community members from all over the world have the option of subscribing to.

Why not just use an ad blocker such as Adblock or Adblock Plus?
We understand that about 30% of our member base is currently using an ad blocking service or web browser extension such as AdBlock. These third party apps can be great, however, in many cases they tend to interfere directly with the functionality of websites.

When it comes to meeting new people online on a social network like Fuckbook, our aim is to maximize our end-users opportunity in reaching their goal of a successful hookup with a new mate. The problem with ad block, though, is that in some cases, depending on the extension or advertisement blocking service used, we have received reports that functionality on the website has been hampered. This means that some of our members using ad blocking technology have been missing out on potential hookup opportunities due to technical glitches and bugs related to blocking ads.

We do understand and empathize with our user-base in that we agree that advertisements can be annoying, but they are necessary in order for us to run a free social networking service. The cost of hosting, bandwidth, employees etc are still there even if we don't charge our users directly.

Although our team has worked diligently to minimize the intrusion that advertisements play on our website, and do everything we can to ensure that our ads do not in any way detract from the enjoyable experience on our website, we understand that not everybody can appreciate them.

Its for those users, we have created our new premium option called Elite Fuckbook.

Pricing information would depend on your region. For local pricing, please log into your account and tap or click the upgrade to Elite button.