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Hola! Hello! Welcome to our Fuckbook page. We are Cokychiqui, a couple who loves to fuck. I'm a cuckold wife which means I have sex with other guys right in front of my husband. Its okay though because he actually loves to watch me ride other big cocks and I love doing it in front of him. We are also swingers that love to engage in orgies with other couples. My husband exhanges me with his friend's wife and the other way around. Send us a message if you're in the Santa Cruz, Bolivia area interested in participating. Hopefully you're okay with our sex tapes getting uploaded to our XVideos channel.
Sex: Male and Female couple

Age Today: This user has chosen not to disclose their age or birthday

Location: Bolivia

Online Status: Last active two days ago

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Couple seeking Women between the ages of 18-45.

Message us if you are interested in engaging in the following sexual activities, kinks, or fetishes:
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